Vapid Veracity

Vapid Veracity holding down a mile
Sinful Salaciousness that makes a woman smile.
Half cocked and heartless speed
Nobody did it, but they all blamed greed.

Hidden within a secret repose
We shortly combed the truth, I suppose.
A dragon came with earnest speed
And I, have finally done the amative deed.

Dangerous quotes that tend to obey
Yet nothing could ever get him to stay.
Fervid speed within your command
Lends nothing to credence within a demand.

Concupiscent concordance within his demise
Venereal Vivaciousness heard the sullen cries.
Licentious lips hardly ever lie
Truly libidinous nights leave no time to spare
Satyric Senselessness leaves you blissfully unaware.

i want you

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