He Doesn't See It

He doesn’t see that he’s special
Never understood that he shines.
Confused how our heart can be led
Within our entangled minds.

He doesn’t know that he has me
Won’t even understand the connection.
Even when I’m standing before him
Amidst all his brilliant affection.

He doesn’t see that he’s wanted
Harboring a heavy past.
He only feels my wants and needs
That I’d love to make this last.

He doesn’t understand my desire
How my body aches for his touch.
Only can feel the soft tone of my voice
Telling him I’ve missed him so much.

He doesn’t get that I need him
Forever in my life.
I don’t think he remembers me whispering
How I would love to be his wife.

He doesn’t afford my accent
When I absolutely adore his.
When it comes to matters of the heart
He isn’t exactly a whiz.

He won’t even read this
It won’t be part of his day.
While I sit and wish for a lifetime with him
He’s busy keeping his feelings at bay.

He doesn’t sing a song for me
They are only about his strife.
I would love to enter his world
Not just be this little part of his life.

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