A creature born of habit
In a moment you cannot recall
Why do we fly to the heavens
Just to make the fall?

A tear shed from a cloud
You catch it in your hand.
Do you really believe we have the power
To take anything from this land?

So powerfully you feel
In a moment you waste.
You could have spewed a compliment
But didn’t like the taste.

A river forms an alliance
With the beauty of a lake.
Why do you continue to lie
When you don’t know whats at stake?

Toying with human emotion
The price is a terrible crime.
Lying, lust, a foreboding tale
If only we had the time.

She didn’t shake the tree again
She knows the price of caustic anger.
I wonder how many fall to your grace
Hidden within your emotional danger?


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      1. That’s another deal. I just need to find the time between weekly blog posts on my current blog (short stories and character interviews), and the book I’m writing. Ha

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