Let It Come

Whether it burns me to the core

And I feel it for years

Or it fades away in darkness

Like blowing out a candle.

Whether it stings like a bee

That thinks it is protecting

Its life

Or it is sharp like a tack

You didn’t know was in your chair.

I don’t care how the truth comes to me

Just please

Let it come.

4 thoughts on “Let It Come

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  1. Exactly! Life without pleasure and pain in an empty life for there would be nothing to gauge good and bad, and good would become mundane. Overcoming obstacles turns them into gold, the scars a reminder of the fight and the victory.

  2. Very powerful.
    We all deserve the truth.
    It takes courage to give it and receive it.
    Love this poem HATFM (((Awhoooo)))

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