Are the reason that I live With nothing left to give Everything is for you.   Are the passion deep inside No reason left to hide It was in me all along.   Shield me from the pain Protect me from the rain I've always told you that.   Are the one worth fighting... Continue Reading →


I, Wish I could take it all away Swear then finally you'd stay But I don't know at what cost.   I, die a little more inside Every time I hear you cry And I don't know how to make it right.   I, know I've done so much wrong Through it all you remained... Continue Reading →

He Is My Solace

He is night when I need darkness My cocoon of protection The man I will love the rest of my life The one I want to take his name Nothing else. He loves me for who I am Not for what he thinks I can be. He is daylight when I require it To have... Continue Reading →

The Obscene Paradigm

Trenches and trench coats lead a girl astray Billboards tell the child to never run away. Farmers and homesteads is all she's ever known The family still calls her baby, but my has she grown. Chaste she stays until the night of her prom Though all the tales and stories from her mom. A child... Continue Reading →

Within The Depths

The most beautiful brown you've seen They say so many things Like he is passionate, Honorable, Trustworthy, Loyal, Kind. Yet Stressed, Hurt, Angry. Has seen more than most of us Forgiven more than most Overlooked nothing And seen everything. Within the depths of his eyes Are his strength. They are like water; A reflection Of... Continue Reading →


A woman longing to be wanted Not like you want a cup of coffee But like you want air When you are drowing And can't get any.   Sometimes I assume That I am not worthy Of being Wanted.

Sworn to Protect

A lady you gave your word to; You have sworn to protect Lays before you on a battlefield With a grievous injury. Carefully you lift her Take her to get proper care Where they tend to her wounds Seemingly bring her back from death. The next day when you see her She asks where you... Continue Reading →

I Write

He leaned in toward me and whispered "Josephine, how do you write poems that turn me on so much?" I write the stuff that makes you hot Makes you think Tips your shit And makes you drink. I'm a feminist Pro-choice But really I write for those That never had a voice. I was given... Continue Reading →

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