What I Want

I want flesh against flesh

Moan against moan

Nothing to break the two of us

We’ll both shut off our phone.

Mystery within wanton abandonment

Sex that leads to passion

A moment where bare skin

Is the ultimate in fashion.

Need something real

For a change.

The awkward, the ordinary

Something a little strange.

A whip, some chains

Some biting and a snap.

A tire we chain to a tree for us

A sheet I’ll use as a wrap.

Something simple, yet extraordinary

Won’t settle for anything less.

A relationship where we stretch our boundaries

And leave no room for common stress.

I want him flamboyant, yet reserved

Except in our bedroom.

We’ll play nurse and doctor

Someday bride and groom.

I want my hair pulled

I need to pull his hard.

We’ll even play strip poker

I’ll forget and lose a card.

Need to be his lady at day

But his wildest dream at night.

I want him to run to me

When timing is just right.

Whispers in the dark

Long walks that lead to more.

Fights that lead to nowhere

Because neither of us will keep score.

Missionary is for boring people

I want him to throw me down!

Anywhere but in the bed

And all over this town.

Candles that light up our bath

While we wash one another with care.

I want him to take my body

While playing with my hair.

Passion you can’t tame like a lion

A beast that will capture our hearts.

Warm bodies that love so eagerly

In all our thousands of parts.

Messy and complicated

Yet so unrealistically easy.

A love that leaves him breathless

And just a little queasy.

9 thoughts on “What I Want

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  1. I enjoyed it! very compelling… the “something a little strange” line is a strong like!

    now for the editor in me… please forgive… “We’ll pay nurse and doctor” / ‘pay’? Now there’s a kinky idea =)

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