He is the most beautiful storm in the perfect time of day Where you have nowhere to go, so you can sit and listen to it pour. He is the tender leaf on a newly formed plant That you know will become something beautiful someday. He is that piece of sand that gets trapped That... Continue Reading →

From Placid to Hate

Twisted vines all around her, as she searched in vain for an exit. Since there wasn't one, and she wasn't willing to hurt herself to leave, she stayed. For days she sat, with no food to eat, nothing to drink, and finally succumbed to the bitter cold and malnourishment. Silly, don't you think, to face... Continue Reading →

There Are Your Eyes

There are your eyes They are within her And you. She gave them to you As a gift As she gave you life. No matter how she left No matter how she lived You will always have her eyes And her life Within you.


I hear a breath in the distance I've heard it thrice before Crying and endless chatter Didn't end the lore. Forbearance is the hardest decree When we didn't settle the score. We cleared the battlefield of the dead But we didn't see the whore. He is the man that begun the battle We call him... Continue Reading →

The Day I Let You Go

One day very soon I will have to say goodbye Our lives Are no longer meant To be together. The day I let you go I will remember For the rest of my life That day Will signify My great loss The loss of a man I dearly love. The day I let you go... Continue Reading →

The Color Of My Life

Hope laid a field open one time But I refused to believe it was true. Honesty and forgiveness are nice But not your best virtue. Do your best to mind your manners Everything falls into place. What you take from what you gain Is what they like to call 'grace.'   He gave me an... Continue Reading →

Rest In Obscurity

I've left a note by the book I was reading On my desk, by my glasses. Broken my favorite cup So nobody else can use it. Lit all the candles in the room So the world can clearly see What it has done To me. My finances are in order There is nobody to pay... Continue Reading →

Delicious Absentia

He relishes in the untouched, the unclean. He has no teeth, nor morality. Wears the same bib overalls day after glorious day, spraying them every once in a while with cologne, so someone thinks he is clean. His name is Absentia.. This is his story..   Tick tock, his watch is chiming Once he sees... Continue Reading →

Butcher & The Banker

A butcher and a banker are in love With the same woman The butcher offers her nothing but his love His loyalty His devotion. The banker promises her the moon If she wanted it And everything in between. The banker made it seem like he was the perfect man The butcher was not so good... Continue Reading →

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