Broken Time

Once I held a mirror to his face

It was the same mirror I looked into

Then punched and cut my finger.

They say ‘hell hath no fury’

But the rocks I threw out of the garden

Never reached their intended target.

My arms tell tales of anger

My heart speaks of untruths and pain

My feet have walked from many people

My eyes have seen nothing they have ever wanted to see.


Tonight there will be stillness

An inactive participant in a multitude of ills

The gains we reach for and never get

Though the consumer inside of me wants to ride.

Hiding will now become part of my psyche

With all the broken necessities I’ve craved

Look at me in the eyes, thrice

Beware though as I look through you

Because to me, you don’t even exist.


Bound to honor, though riddled with betrayal

This… My broken time

Left me wanting more than I could even give

But it has always been that way with me.

Tonight I plant a flower in a garden

That isn’t even there.

Tonight I eat a fruit from a tree

That doesn’t produce any.

Tonight I drink wine from a grape

That nobody has picked.


I am everywhere

Yet nowhere

All at once.


I stay hidden in my iniquity

Then lick the blade of a knife

I wish would suddenly take life

And kill me.



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