Like Hands

Like hands held up to the sky

Praising whatever being they like.

I lie in the sand and watch the clouds roll by

With nobody disturbing me at all.

I wonder sometimes, if he has found a bird

That sings a song

Nearly as beautiful as the one we sang

When we were together

And said nothing at all.

We were summer

A warm and inviting time of the year

Then Fall

The turning of leaves and beautiful colors.

We shook hands

One day

Agreed that love would betray both of us.

‘None of our love meant anything

Yesterday or today

Nor will it mean anything tomorrow.’

One day when he walked into a beautiful forest

Decided he hated this one tree

And kicked it for days

With no sleep

No worry

He turned his back on the one woman

That loved him through everything.


rain and smoke

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  1. You have such a gift for pouring your soul into a poem. Through awareness comes healing, my friend.

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