Sewers Pin

The lethargy in my left arm

Doesn’t match the one in my right

He wants the ultimate decision from me

But it isn’t happening tonight.


Every amount of me is spent

Yet he always wants to know when

I could fit every ounce of belief in him

On the end of a sewers pin.


The crowd is left believing the lie

Because they don’t even know it all.

They heard about my rise to freedom

But they don’t know about my fall.


Grace has never been elegant to me

Yet I demand it at every pass

Tonight he’ll want me to whisper “I love you”

Instead I’m going to tell him to kiss my ass.

2 thoughts on “Sewers Pin

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  1. I’m laughing to hard to type. I think the line to follow that one is no I’m not punishing you I’m just not attracted to you when you’re being an asshole.
    I don’t like dirty looks much but I love people who tell the truth in tough moments.

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