Secrets Wander

Jealousy isn’t a door, it is a mirror, a reflection of your fears and thoughts.


A tender leaf falls to the ground

We both watch its decent to death

For those few seconds we are quiet

Everything seems so still

You notice me look to the ground

Realizing we are at a turning point.

Such a small fragment of our lives

Yet a few seconds that neither of us will forget.


We hang the noose over a tree

It swings for a minute then stops

We put all our hopes and dreams into the noose

Our rage







One last time we look at one another

Wishing someone would say something

To change our minds

But only he and I are there

And our pride

So we smile one last time at one another

I watch him put his hands in his pockets and walk away.


I picked the leaf up from the ground

Looked at every vein in it

Studied the color and shape

Put in my pocket as a reminder

That even love can die

With no ceremony

No tears


It just dies.

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