Butcher & The Banker

A butcher and a banker are in love

With the same woman

The butcher offers her nothing but his love

His loyalty

His devotion.

The banker promises her the moon

If she wanted it

And everything in between.

The banker made it seem like he was the perfect man

The butcher was not so good with the words

Much better with the deeds.


When it comes down to her making a choice

There wasn’t one

She loved the butcher

Loathed men that made promises

They never kept

And lived a life

Full of protein

And love.

3 thoughts on “Butcher & The Banker

Add yours

  1. with the banker she would have to ask for it (the moon and the inbetweens)
    with the butcher he is giving her what he has (all of him)
    hmmmm…good call picking the butcher

    enjoyed this (((awhoooo)))

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