Delicious Absentia

He relishes in the untouched, the unclean. He has no teeth, nor morality. Wears the same bib overalls day after glorious day, spraying them every once in a while with cologne, so someone thinks he is clean. His name is Absentia.. This is his story..


Tick tock, his watch is chiming

Once he sees her, it is perfect timing

The air is moist and smells of mold

She’s feeling ill, it is probably a cold.

He tells her of his great fortune and past

With a grin and shake of the dice, “AT LAST!”

He’s found one that believes his tale

She’s rather large, but not really a whale.

He tells her this, then tells her that

Because it’s a ‘relationship’, they have a spat.

He tells her she will regret her life!

But in a second he’ll call her his wife.

Truly, the man is nothing but a fool

Absentia goes by no man fearing rule.

Not what he says, nor where he lives

It is lies and misfortune, this man gives.

He is a Cuban National with an English accent

That lives in Dublin in an American tent.

When he is lonely he looks for other prey

When a woman catches on, she is forced away.

Nobody can blame him for this game that he plays

It fills his night with a smile and entertainment in his days.

He will make you seem like you are an absolute joy

But really you are just his current toy.

On his deathbed he may confess to his crimes

How many women, and how many times.

There was one woman he never got to betray

She’s writing a poem about a man at play.

If he says he will come to you, don’t hold your breath

Maybe he will, but it will be after your death.

If you ever find this man come your way

You can’t send him home, he is a stray.



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