Rest In Obscurity

I’ve left a note by the book I was reading

On my desk, by my glasses.

Broken my favorite cup

So nobody else can use it.

Lit all the candles in the room

So the world can clearly see

What it has done

To me.

My finances are in order

There is nobody to pay

Gave notice at work

So they won’t be expecting me in.

In my lifetime

I’ve tried to love

Until recently, I had failed

Then I lost him

Only to get part of him back

Only the part he would let me have.

I tire of fighting him to have him

I tire of working so hard at soemthing

Nobody is proud of

Not even me.

I tire of being noticed more for what I am not

Than for who I am.

This is not me giving up

This is me relenting.

Please tell him to go find someone

He can give his entire life to..

He did that once for me

And it was beautiful..

Let him know his name was the last word

I ever said.





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