The Color Of My Life

Hope laid a field open one time

But I refused to believe it was true.

Honesty and forgiveness are nice

But not your best virtue.

Do your best to mind your manners

Everything falls into place.

What you take from what you gain

Is what they like to call ‘grace.’


He gave me an empty canvass

Every color he could muster

Threw some brushes on the table,

Then told me to pain a portrait of my life.

I looked at the beautiful pallet

Then dipped my brush into this bright red

I told him “this is for all the passion that I had.”

Brushed it clear across the entire thing

Then carefully washed it off.

Dipped it into the darkest blue I could find

Told him “this is for every tear I ever spent.”

Yellow is for all the smells in the world I loved

Pink is for the fact that most times I got to be a lady, a girl, and a woman

Black are for the times I wanted to completely give up

Orange is for all the food I got to taste

Brown is for all the animals I loved in my life

Green is all the times people hated me for no good reason

I’ll cover a large portion of that with gold, because I didn’t care.

By the time I was finished with my masterpiece

There wasn’t a color I didn’t use..


I call that a life well spent.




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