The Devils In The Bottle

Like a seductress

Pulling you in

Whispering into your ear

What she will do to you

Once you are alone.

Smoke fills the air

As you take your first cup

Begin to fade away into a person

You are not.

Life has taken its toll on you

As it has on many of us

But you, the devil found you.

Your second cup of liquid pleasure

Eases your tension

You forget for a while

You’re broke

You’re ugly

You’re a failure

You’re divorced

You’re alone.

For a little while

You get to pretend

Your life

Isn’t really all that bad.

Your third cup puts you out

You sit in your chair

Dizzy from the liquor

The room is spinning

Your life


Stands still.

Just then you think

There is no devil here

Just you


With a bottle of ‘forget’

But the devil

Is always there..

…He’s in the bottle.


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