He is the most beautiful storm in the perfect time of day

Where you have nowhere to go, so you can sit and listen to it pour.

He is the tender leaf on a newly formed plant

That you know will become something beautiful someday.

He is that piece of sand that gets trapped

That will someday become a beautiful pearl.

He is the moment you realize you’ve fallen in love

And everything is right with the world.

He is the candle you light at night

When you say a prayer for your mother.

He is the lace panties you put on

Because today, you want to be sexy.

He is the soft breeze that reminds you

That maybe you should have worn warmer clothes today.

He is the security you know will always be there

The peace of mind your heart requires to be in love.

He is the huge anchor on a large ship

Nobody notices, unless it is required.

He is the fear within you to love

And the comfort and peace of  of knowing it is okay to love him

He is the mist in the mountains photographers wish

They could capture, but cannot.

He is the tree growing taller through the years

Giving us shade in the summer and protection in the winter.

Better than your favorite pair of earrings

Or the nicest car you’ve ever driven

Is him.


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