I Long To Be Yours

I long to be yours Not for a day Or an evening filled with haze. Not like summer That relents and gives way to fall. But more like a breeze That slips into you To bare skin Where you can feel me Surround you With love.   I long to be yours Like the sand... Continue Reading →

Destined To Fall

A beautiful woman resides in a village A lesson must be taught with time. She deals much in the way of life But rarely subsists within rhyme.   One day she plants a tree It is beautiful, yet small. She plants it in the Spring of the year Facing a Northern Fall.   Twenty years... Continue Reading →


A kaleidoscope of color It would take me generations to explain. What a pity your circus is When it suddenly decides to rain.   A statement of fact within a convoluted lie That revealed itself one afternoon. It's like a beautiful orchestra is playing With an obvious unavailable tune.   While the world whirls around... Continue Reading →

If you

Look her deeply into her eyes Tell her what you told me Maybe she will believe you. Tell her how important your career is to you Tell her how terrible I was Or let your friends tell her. . Tell her you love her You and I both know That means absolutely nothing When it... Continue Reading →


Won't let him call her first thing in the morning anymore Or tell her everything she means to him every day. It won't let him text her how beautiful he thinks she is Or how he wants to spend a lifetime loving her. Has him listening to his friends about what a scoundrel she is... Continue Reading →

Secrets Wander

Jealousy isn't a door, it is a mirror, a reflection of your fears and thoughts.   A tender leaf falls to the ground We both watch its decent to death For those few seconds we are quiet Everything seems so still You notice me look to the ground Realizing we are at a turning point.... Continue Reading →

Sewers Pin

The lethargy in my left arm Doesn't match the one in my right He wants the ultimate decision from me But it isn't happening tonight.   Every amount of me is spent Yet he always wants to know when I could fit every ounce of belief in him On the end of a sewers pin.... Continue Reading →

Fake Flowers

Today   While having breakfast with an old friend I sat and played with some fake flowers While explaining my past few days How I felt like everything was falling apart And I was just watching it Because nothing I did stopped it. I tried to remember all the stories you created So I could... Continue Reading →

If There Is Ever A Day

If there is ever a day My body doesn't ache to feel your touch My mind doesn't want to be stimulated with your voice He heart doesn't yearn for you My soul doesn't cry out for you My lips don't want to feel yours pressed against them   Then I won't whisper in the dark... Continue Reading →

I Forgot To Tell Her

Wait!   I forgot to tell her you're broken I forgot to tell her you lie, I didn't get to her fast enough Not before you made her cry.   I forgot to mention the heartache you cause How you rip every woman in half, That when you talk of how you've injured these ladies... Continue Reading →

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