Stand Still

Stand still Because the force of wind Will go around you And you will see How powerful You truly are.   Sometimes I want you To come to me Regardless of my mood Or what I have said, Gently take my hand into yours Look me in the eyes And tell me You aren't going... Continue Reading →

Been You Before

I have been you; A lost child Unwanted Uncared for Unkempt Trying so hard To make someone Anyone Love you.   I have been you; A lost teenager Not sure where to go Or what to do with your life When you were told most of it How terrible you were What a mistake you... Continue Reading →

From the Storm Within

Shaping what was left of our future We stand as if granite Unwilling to sacrifice what we know To what the world believes. Silence is Satan's strength So we stand on the top of the mountain Shouting every crime ever put upon us With no fear No judgement No regret. The power Satan has over... Continue Reading →

When You Said

Hearing through such young ears That nobody wanted me Nobody loved me I was unwanted. Then hearing as a young adult How lucky I was How grateful I should be How still nobody would want me How nobody would love me. Then as an adult Hearing how ungrateful I am For people that gave up... Continue Reading →

All Debts Paid

Thick fog surrounds a house Sitting in a forest nobody visits. Going to visit a person from my past Held in the highest regard. His hands pulled me from darkness But his heart was forever elusive. Time passed with no security Or reason of why we never loved. Two knocks on the door, My heart... Continue Reading →

They Told Me I Was Alone

They said it in whispers I was good for nothing Nobody would ever want me Certainly nobody would fall in love I was cursed By a woman that wouldn't even take me home At the time of my birth. They told me to never speak to anyone Because everyone would know it was my fault... Continue Reading →

The Right to Remain Silent

Hidden in whispers of the dark Behind the lights and cameras; The filming of life. We shut off the smoke machine Because that part of our story is over. We clear the stage Dismiss the audience Then carry on with what is left of our lives.   Circumstance remains at bay Nothing ever goes my... Continue Reading →

Broken Pieces

We painted a picture of our future A beautiful garden Nice home Children playing in the yard Lazy Sunday afternoons Home made lemonade Reading to one another late at night. Then I tore the canvas one night Ripped it in half Our picture Wasn't the same anymore It was ruined with one swipe From me.... Continue Reading →

For You

I would have changed my name Turned myself inside out Cried until there was a river for us To wash our wrongs and rights in. Taken my beating heart Out of my chest And handed it to you. For you I would have done anything Anything in this world.   You are my truth when... Continue Reading →

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