The Arch of Forgiveness

I kneel on a beach hitting at the water

Screaming for revenge

From a God that won’t give it to me.

Years ago it happened

Though talking to me

You would think it was last week.

Forgiveness is an arch

It begins slow

Until you reach the top.

Then you begin to realize it is over

You can carry on

With what is left of your life.

Forgiveness isn’t for the weak

They can’t handle it

It is only for the strong.

This time I kneel at the beach

Telling the world this is over

I don’t want to fight anymore.

I take a hand full of sand

Let it run through my fingers

And wish that is how I handled it.

“Next time” I tell myself

The next time I am wronged

I will begin to forgive.

So many times, through so many trials, we should have been broken, but we are not. We are strong enough to get back up on our feet, stop our shouting at the world, and carry on with our lives. This time, may we learn to do it with the power of forgiveness.


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