How Do We Keep Her Alive?

They wondered from this very day

Sworn I was born this way

But I assure you it was all just put on me.

I took a bottle of pills at twenty five

because I didn’t want to be alive

Yet here I sit to write you this today.

Born an angry soul

Without a house, and not quite whole

I spent years wondering why nobody wanted me.

Then at seventeen I ran away

They thought it was just to play

But I was in it for the long haul.

Became a very young bride

Found out the groom had lied

Kicked his ass, and moved out the same day.

While celebrating being twenty one

Went out and bought a gun

Wanted to end the war inside my head.

Burned on my arms at two

Because the bitch didn’t like her view

Of course it had to be taken out on me.

Thrown out of houses at four and five

Not wanting to be alive

Yet too young to know what that really means.

Had no idea what family meant

Everyone was truly bent

Just looking at me and remembering where I came.

Left out on the street at thirty eight

By a man that wasn’t thinking straight

And I’ve spent seven years trying to get over that.

Taken out of a will because I can’t keep anyone

Thinking I am all about fun

Yet I’ve always been loyal and devoted to the truth.

Believed every sweet talk lie

Then told it wasn’t my place to cry

Because everyone has had a hard life.

As I sit today as a failure to thrive

They wonder how to keep me alive

And sometimes I wonder that very same thing.



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