For You

I would have changed my name

Turned myself inside out

Cried until there was a river for us

To wash our wrongs and rights in.

Taken my beating heart

Out of my chest

And handed it to you.

For you

I would have done anything

Anything in this world.


You are my truth when all are lies

My heaven when I’m sitting in hell

The moment I reach the top of the mountain

The probable reason why I fell.


The breeze when it warmly greets me

In my bed late at night.

The fear left inside of me

The reason I won’t fight.


For you, I’d release my demons

To play in ecstasy with yours.

I’d take the sands of time in stride

Then walk empty, barren floors.


I don’t have to wait to be yours

In my heart, I’ve always been.

I’d hand it back to you, my love

Over and over again.





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