They Told Me I Was Alone

They said it in whispers

I was good for nothing

Nobody would ever want me

Certainly nobody would fall in love

I was cursed

By a woman that wouldn’t even take me home

At the time of my birth.

They told me to never speak to anyone

Because everyone would know it was my fault

That I had asked for it

So it was best to keep my little mouth shut.

They told me I was alone

Would always be


Because ‘girls like you’

Don’t deserve to be loved.

They told me I was filthy

A bastard





Cries were heard in the skies at night

Wishing one day this pain would stop.

Hurting more than just my regret

To frightened to tell the cop.


For years I screamed for someone to die

Any one of those stupid assholes.

Those screams went unheard, of course

Until Hades took their souls.


Vices, I had many

Nobody approved of them.

Wind dances past an angry heart

And this lady is a gem.


They told me I was alone

Which made me cry every night.

Then I met some ladies with the same struggles

And we’ve promised to put up a fight.





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