All Debts Paid

Thick fog surrounds a house

Sitting in a forest nobody visits.

Going to visit a person from my past

Held in the highest regard.

His hands pulled me from darkness

But his heart was forever elusive.

Time passed with no security

Or reason of why we never loved.

Two knocks on the door,

My heart pounding.

He opens it, and squints

“Who are you?” he chirped

Then turned around to walk away.

I begin to explain to him

Everything he did to me

How he helped me

So many years ago

He scoffed

As he walked in front of me

Shrugging every now and then.

Minutes into our meeting

It occurred to him who I was

He turned quickly to face me

One silent tear rolling down his cheek.

Memories flooded back to him

How he had spent hours

Trying to convince me

I was more than I thought at the time.

He remembered taking me to bed

Then announcing the next morning

I had to leave.

Before his tear reached the ground

I pulled out the gun

Told him I forgive him

Then shot him in the chest.




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