Been You Before

I have been you;

A lost child


Uncared for


Trying so hard

To make someone


Love you.


I have been you;

A lost teenager

Not sure where to go

Or what to do with your life

When you were told most of it

How terrible you were

What a mistake you were

How truly worthless you are.


I have been you;

A lost woman

Trying to figure out

By looking into your children’s eyes

How someone could have them

And not fall madly in love.

A seemingly broken soul

That is unrelenting

Yet unwilling

To ever try

To get someone to love her



I have been you;

A strong


That knows they lied to you

When they said you weren’t worthy

When they said you were terrible

These people

They are liars

And they hate

You are the truth.



Photo by Andrés Muschietti



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