Stand Still

Stand still

Because the force of wind

Will go around you

And you will see

How powerful

You truly are.


Sometimes I want you

To come to me

Regardless of my mood

Or what I have said,

Gently take my hand into yours

Look me in the eyes

And tell me

You aren’t going anywhere.


Stand still

Because so much moves around us

None of it is as important

As what we feel

When we hear nothing

See nothing

But one another.


Sometimes I want you

To understand me

So well

That just by looking at you

You can tell what I’m feeling

What I’m thinking

And can correct me

Even though

I haven’t said a word.


Stand still

Because too many people

In my life

Have walked away.

I need you to be

The one person

That refuses to go…

Even if I push.



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