Nothing beats her beauty; It is as if a rose and a whisper combined To make the perfect match of a woman. The fragrance around her is palpable She moves within air As if she were one with it. His heart flutters at her voice So enchanting and delightful She is love, personified. Her silky... Continue Reading →

When We Speak

There is a fire between us Nobody can put out. A clear reason to believe in love With no room for doubt. Matching scars on our bodies With one hell of a mixed up fate We sit by the fire for warmth Because everything in us will wait. I would lie so close to him... Continue Reading →


It was our third date and he knew very little About what it meant to satisfy me I figured tonight I would show him. When he was done eating dinner I had taken hardly any time to prepare He placed his napkin on the table Which was my cue to begin. Began by unbuttoning my... Continue Reading →

Time To Let Go

For days I sit on this rock Allowing the ocean to attack me Never moving from it Because I've been told He would come. I was told that if I waited Right where I was He would come to me Rescue me from this rock From these waves From the cold. Days turned to months... Continue Reading →

Make Love To Me

Am I that woman you see in the mirror Whose shadow refuses to disappear? Am I just nothing more Than what you knock on the floor When you anger gets the best of you?   Am I the grace you hear in a song The whisper that tells you to go on? Am I really... Continue Reading →


A fleeting moment between two Leaves them dancing around with words The beauty of all of it Is that it comes straight from their hearts. Artful rhythms beat tendancies As forgotten as the past is today Soft breezes clear the air of duty As he pronounces everything tenderly. We may cast a shadow upon a... Continue Reading →

She Made A Mistake

People walk past her and give her the 'look' She's so naive she thinks it's about her book But it's all because the woman's been divorced.   It was all through no fault of her own After the wedding, his true colors shown She was left dealing with an abusive man.   She went to... Continue Reading →

He Doesn't Want You

Keeping you out of the most intimate parts of his life Like what he eats Where he goes when he needs to shop What color shoes he is currently wearing How he truly feels about you. The rules were laid out long ago What you could ask from him And what you couldn't, Not by... Continue Reading →

Into The Light

Pain is a barrier; It prevents you from feeling Appropriately. It prevents you from moving Willingly. When you speak of your pain It lessens. When you hear others speak of theirs It helps you heal. The only way To remove the barrier Is straight through it.   A child kneels on the beach Writes words... Continue Reading →

She Will Decide

Yesterday she woke feeling useless Like a tool in a shed you've forgotten about You know, the one that tightens or straightens something That you don't need tightened or straightened anymore? Today she woke up feeling worn Like the mattress on your bed You use year after year Never even consider replacing. Tomorrow she will... Continue Reading →

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