When He Whispers My Name

He is the force of strength I require

The stability and love I admire

Nothing will keep me from his tender side.


Love to hear him call me ‘baby’

When I ask for a kiss he always says maybe

But I know in the end I’ll get the kiss, and maybe more.


We both speak of things below and above

So long ago fell desperately in love

Through all our trials we are still in love today.


He isn’t shiny like a nighttime star

He pushes me into the limelight, watches from afar

Firm in knowing he is behind me 100%.


I’ve never once lost faith in us

But many nights we’ve had our cuss

Just to get all that out of the way so we can progress.


Won’t tell you everything has always been fine

Just that I’m his until the end of time

Nothing matters to either one of us but that.


Never promises more than he can give

I’ll owe him for as long as I live

But he would never, ever ask me to pay him back.


With him, I know he won’t play a game

I love it when he whispers my name

My heart and soul are forever in his hands.



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