Off To Meet Destiny

The angels beat a drum for me

As the earth rises to meet my feet

Nor a single undergarment is on

Just a flowing pink dress.

I am off to meet destiny

Yet am unable to surmise

Is she found within the core of man

Or will she be a gentle surprise?

Right now it is frozen ground

Cracking with every step

Allow my hair to fall on my back

They say around the corner

I’ll find a woman

Who just lost a child

To atrophy.


They say to allow the wind blow through you

To stand facing it and it will never fail

But of all the things I’ve learned in life

I know destiny will prevail.

Summer bows its head to fall

We watch the leaves turn to orange

Then die

With no symphony to bid the farewell

Just photos to show the turn.

Winter rapes the fall of death

It isn’t the subtle season

I’m frozen in a bed of ice

Waiting for something to give in

Something to say we are done

With death.


Four statue heads sit apart

Two are facing one another

Two are facing the ground

A man kneels in the middle of them

With the firm realization

His destiny lies within one of them.


Shaking a tree in an orchard

She cannot get it to move

Yet she stands there

Shaking this tree

Hoping if she does it long enough

Something will happen.

Some praise her tenacity

Some call her a fool.


Spring always makes me roll my eyes

Everyone stands in amazement of it.

It is the birthing season

Yet I keep thinking

In a few months

It will all be dead.


Years later I visit the statues

The two facing one another are lovers

The two facing down are the reality

Of life.

We learn to love

We face our destiny

Then we fall into death

From Spring

To Summer


Then Winter.


May we all do it

With grace.




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  1. I really like how you weave in so much into your poetry, while keeping it minimal 🙂 Fantastic stuff.. glad to have come across your work!

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