I will no longer be hidden in the shadows

Or be with someone that denies they love me.

I will no longer take the path of least resistance

Or blame my path on anyone else.

I will not continue to let this love strangle me

Instead I will find one that sets me free.

I will not shine a light on someone else

When mine grows terribly dim.

I will not take the abuse any longer

It is time for me to move on.

I will love myself more than I hate them

For everything they did to me.

I will take strength in knowing I am not alone

And listen as other people tell me their stories.

I will no longer allow someone else to dictate what I think of myself

Instead I will look in the mirror every morning and speak my truth.

I will no longer stand silent while someone verbally abuses me

I will immediately, and permanently, cut them out of my life.

I will no longer place myself and others in harms way

Instead I will find safety and strength in better decisions.

I will no longer drink to forget my life, which I hate

Instead I will change it, to something I can manage.

I could have added hundreds more to this, insert yours, then implement it.

Set yourself free, then set yourself on fire!


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