She Will Decide

Yesterday she woke feeling useless

Like a tool in a shed you’ve forgotten about

You know, the one that tightens or straightens something

That you don’t need tightened or straightened anymore?

Today she woke up feeling worn

Like the mattress on your bed

You use year after year

Never even consider replacing.

Tomorrow she will wake feeling differently

She will decide that what he said to her

Was a permanent solution to a story

She would have never written.


Tick tock the clock goes on

Without worrying about your time

I’ve seen the shit you write

Where is your insoluble rhyme?

Favorable rhythms are all over the city

Yet everyone works for a dime.


Shell shocked she remembered her price

Realized it wasn’t between her legs.

He’d like to say he respects the girl

As he sits on the phone and begs.

She answered a riddle once with the truth

It’s isn’t exactly his tail that wags.


Mind fucked and unrelenting

Today she reveals her pain.

The man with a roar has lost his way

Now it is another woman he will gain.

He casts her out like everyone else

Then begs for it to rain.


Tomorrow she will rise like a pheonix

For the sun doesn’t set where you think

She plays the role of what she was cast

Then tells him where he may go

And where he can put his phone.





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