He Doesn't Want You

Keeping you out of the most intimate parts of his life

Like what he eats

Where he goes when he needs to shop

What color shoes he is currently wearing

How he truly feels about you.

The rules were laid out long ago

What you could ask from him

And what you couldn’t,

Not by his words

But by his deeds.

He inches away

Keeping you miles and miles apart

Even if you were in the same city

But he would never do that

Because his ‘game’ requires him

To have at least one ocean separating you two,

So when you ask him for help

Or need him to touch you

He can say

“Gosh, I’m so far away.”

His convenience

Is his lie

The one he is convinced

Is the truth.

Love doesn’t lie

It doesn’t keep people apart from one another

It forces us to see the truth

It forces us to forgive those

Who have hurt us.

Do you believe such a powerful emotion

Would truly keep a man from you

That really wanted you?



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