She Made A Mistake

People walk past her and give her the ‘look’

She’s so naive she thinks it’s about her book

But it’s all because the woman’s been divorced.


It was all through no fault of her own

After the wedding, his true colors shown

She was left dealing with an abusive man.


She went to work with a big black eye

Told everyone she’d fallen after getting high

And everyone seemed to believe the lie.


At night she sits alone and cries

Inside her heart the dream dies

She is left wondering whether to live or not.


Years go by and children were born

He grew worse and she was torn

Does she answer this by walking out on him?


So when you speak ill of a woman’s pain

What good is there really to gain

When you aren’t the one he punched every fucking night?


This morning is the woman’s wake

She couldn’t handle her terrible mistake

So now you’ll have nothing to leer as you walk past.


I wish I didn't love you



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