When We Speak

There is a fire between us

Nobody can put out.

A clear reason to believe in love

With no room for doubt.

Matching scars on our bodies

With one hell of a mixed up fate

We sit by the fire for warmth

Because everything in us will wait.

I would lie so close to him

That our skin would begin to meld

I’d hold fire in both hands

If in his hands.. my heart he held.

When we speak to one another

The world just slowly dies

There is nothing but our love between us

And lust within our eyes.

His being is compassionate to me

Like I’ve never really known

Always says I’m brilliant

In a very loving tone.

If I had a minute with him alone

I’d steal him forever

I’d never let this man go

He’d be within me, wherever.

A simple truth lies between us

It is that we never wane

One day we love like a furious storm

The next day it is the same. Choices

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