I will no longer be hidden in the shadows Or be with someone that denies they love me. I will no longer take the path of least resistance Or blame my path on anyone else. I will not continue to let this love strangle me Instead I will find one that sets me free. I... Continue Reading →


You can lack morality all you like Spread your filth all over that town Muck it the fuck up with your angst about life About how everyone has treated you so poorly Cry at your weakest moments Then shout when you believe you have been wronged! Nobody is paying attention to you anyway Even the... Continue Reading →

Some Things

I sensed a bit of weakness in her As she pushed her glasses up And continued on about her day. Things loom inside of her People never see, or ask about Yet it always gets in her way. Tells me she feels suffocated By a long and tedious life That definitely did not go according... Continue Reading →

What If She Is

You can no longer predict her future Or tell her to forget her past. What if this one little thing that you did Was what she remembered last?   What if she is One second away from disaster One lie away from forgetting you A single moment from ripping it all apart Running just get... Continue Reading →

Maybe You Didn't Understand

Perhaps you didn't hear me well enough When I spoke the words 'I love you' They don't mean 'I want something from you' The words mean to me That I am yours.. Completely Every sentence I speak and step I take Are always in the direction of you. When I say 'I am yours' It... Continue Reading →

Naked to the Core

Two bodies lie within inches of one another Naked to the core of their being Tender touching releases the feelings That then become much more fervent. What began as a hand running down a back Ends with nails scratching deeply into skin. A soft kiss upon eager lips Ends with biting and sucking at her... Continue Reading →


Clear conscience in what you thought was the end A windy road leads you to your next goal. Finding the strength and courage to let go Of what dangles heavily within your soul. Passion grazes over you like the wind Never penetrating, not for a moment. A series of events lead you to lust But... Continue Reading →


As thoroughly as the water washes it away Hope always brings it right back. The tender mercy of death Won't even come to me when I ask. I rode through a field so fast once Upon a black horse I called perseverance. Two animals, untamed and unbridled Left gasping for air when it was all... Continue Reading →

Crying it Off in the Rain

You can wrap it up in shame Kiss it with regret No matter how you face the truth Nothing has happened yet. Now we can smile through the tears Alone we cry in vain Blame one another for the price Never take accountability for the pain. Simply because we are unwanted Cast out like they... Continue Reading →

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