Noctum Illuminati

Changes in atmosphere Lead the weak ones away Now we need to distort the reality Of the ones with the stomach to stay.   Predisposed to be a generous man Without anything to give He wanted to be what everyone said But he kinda wanted to live.   There is a death warrant signed for... Continue Reading →

Tasting Romance

Just beyond the horizon If you keep walking You'll see it. Wrapped in a blanket for warmth Is the tender embrace Of him. He would never deny he wants you He's just very uncertain How to say it. So he stands With his hands in his pockets Looking you directly in the eyes As you... Continue Reading →

The End

A beautiful gift she thought she would share with the world Now she is thinking it has only brought into her life bad things. People, that used that gift against her To either lure her into wasting her time Or to try to steal a heart she had hidden so deeply away.   A strong... Continue Reading →

The Crime

For a moment I thought of the crime But I couldn't find the tragedy We build expensive walls of morality Based on what we believe right and wrong are. What if we tore down those walls? What if what is right for me Would make you go insane?   I hear the clock ticking in... Continue Reading →

For You, Not Them

You may not like every word I write Or believe in your heart it is true. I'm the aftermath of love gone wrong A woman a little bit askew. I've taken risks and lost it all Believed in my heart a lie Been the butt of jokes I didn't know Felt smaller than a fly.... Continue Reading →


I imagined him riding on a horse One of those expensive ones He borrowed from a friend. Moving gracefully across the sand From a distance - He looked great. I agreed to all the terms and conditions Even the little white lies He like to throw in.   Evil isn't the nasty sin Spewing from... Continue Reading →

When I Say Nothing

Night calls me in like a sleep Wavering in blissful unawareness Cowering for the corner Like a kitten lost in the dark. Shells found on the beach were nothing But dust once you picked them up. Laying in the middle of the road He waited for a car to come It was a terrible place... Continue Reading →


A rigorous course of medicine Taught him that our bodies Can ruin us. It can take a healthy, able man Turn him into ash In days.   He met her on a rainy walk Time flew, and they still talk All these years it is all they've ever done.   Their lives tick by so... Continue Reading →

Who ARE You?

First you like to say we met It was all this love at first sight. Then you call to introduce yourself In the middle of the night. Then you take a pill one day Because you've decided that your dead. I wonder if these sudden illnesses Aren't just all in your crazy head? We flew... Continue Reading →

Why Start a Fire?

Would you take the time to prepare a meal Slave over a hot stove to cook it Then set it nicely out on the dining room table Just to watch it rot?   Would you adopt a defenseless animal from a shelter Take photos of you with it Post it to  Instagram Just to drive... Continue Reading →

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