What it Means

They said I couldn’t possibly be Christian

Or believe in the God they do;

Because I didn’t write of Godly things

Or tell people to come to him.

Instead I write of the darkness

Of shadows, and pain.

But when people are lost

And need to be found

The darkness

Is exactly where you will find them.


Jesus didn’t minister to the strong

Only to the weak.

He didn’t go to the richest palaces

He hit the dirty street.

He spoke to the poor and the prostitutes

To those that society threw away.

He held their hand, felt their pain

Then made it go away.


Now he isn’t around anymore

Because he died for all our sins.

So it is up to us now to do his work

And this is where it begins.

We aren’t always the strong

He knows that to be true.

He also knows the strength of many

Can be found in just a few.


We must be strong enough to lead the pack

Tell them what they are worth

Let them know they were loved

From even before their birth.

Then gently take them into our arms

To feel the love within.

Watch their mood and situation change

And their new life begin.


We must teach the weak to be strong

Fight to make this world good.

Understand we all have different views

Love from our hearts, like we should.

Give food to those that need it

Hope to those that don’t.

Shelter to those without

Help those that won’t.




3 thoughts on “What it Means

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  1. Oh my, this is a fabuious post, and you are absolutely right!. The only voice any of us ever need to listen to is the “still, small voice” of God. Christ would never walk away from anyone! Blessings, Natalie 🙂

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