Who ARE You?

First you like to say we met

It was all this love at first sight.

Then you call to introduce yourself

In the middle of the night.

Then you take a pill one day

Because you’ve decided that your dead.

I wonder if these sudden illnesses

Aren’t just all in your crazy head?

We flew off to the South of France once

We ate potatoes on a flat.

The problem is that means apartments

So it makes me wonder where you are at?

I remember the excuse you gave

When you just couldn’t settle the score

I tipped my shit at the cost of writing

Then probably called you and she a whore.

We rode a horse in Rome on night

But the problem was it was day

I nod my head and agree with the stupidity

But who rides a horse at night anyway?

You said you export many things

Then all of a sudden you sell tires

I guess it’s better than a lawyer

Or a dude that sets random fires.

One day you are rich as hell

Then talk to me about being broke

I wonder if you’ve worked for a dime

Or get it with every poke?

Now don’t get me wrong

I love a little mystery

But with my heart on the line

I like to know honest history.

Maybe we can start with your name

Is that really what you say?

Can I call your mother to confirm that

Or you could show me your drivers license, ok?

Then we talk about where you really live

Maybe you could point it out on a map

If you are adept enough we could draw pictures

While I sit in your pathetic lap.

Today I may want to play the game

Stroke your ego for a moments peace

Tomorrow may be a whole other story

As the level of my patience may decrease.

One day I’ll grow tired and strong

I will leave with a little class

That day, maybe I’ll realize

This entire time you’ve talked out of your ass.

After I’m gone you’ll realize your mistake

Then call me out of the blue

I’ll look at my phone and remember the lies

And wonder “who are you?”


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