The Crime

For a moment I thought of the crime

But I couldn’t find the tragedy

We build expensive walls of morality

Based on what we believe right and wrong are.

What if we tore down those walls?

What if what is right for me

Would make you go insane?


I hear the clock ticking in the background

Begging me to make a decision

For which I nearly refuse to do

At least right now.


The river hides the scene

I tell him to go home to his wife

Tell her he loves her

Tell her there is nobody else

On this planet

He wants.


Two months later he forgets

How panicked he was

At the thought of being caught

So he found another tart

Told her how beautiful she was

Fucked her in the parking lot

Of the bar he had to buy her drinks at.


In roughly 9 months

His lifetime of punishment

Will be born.


An old man thinks stealing

From a large company

Like Wal Mart is nothing.

His wife passed years ago

She had this beautiful brooch

That a teenager thought they wanted more.

As he sat in his chair crying at its loss

He didn’t think once

Of all the things

He’s taken.


A woman lies

It is all she does

If her lips are moving

She is lying.

Her husband

Is the cheater

He lies to her;



On this planet

Was happier

At the discovery of the internet

Than he was.


Everything you are

Is what you attract.

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