Noctum Illuminati

Changes in atmosphere

Lead the weak ones away

Now we need to distort the reality

Of the ones with the stomach to stay.


Predisposed to be a generous man

Without anything to give

He wanted to be what everyone said

But he kinda wanted to live.


There is a death warrant signed for a very young bride

Decided it would be the night of the birth

The child would come, the woman would die

Then all would be right with the Earth.


Have you heard the tale of Lucifer?

It gives all the children a fright

He comes out just fine in the light of day

But you idiots are only afraid at night.


An angry man sits at a desk

He just doesn’t know how to deal

It isn’t that he doesn’t have the knowledge

He’s just forgotten how to feel.


A simple task was set for a few

That were unsure of their true test

Do they only save one or try to save all

And how do they determine who is best?


Silence fills a jealous room

That is unable to settle the score

One looks over at the other

And swears that she’s a whore.


A man with a sudden heart attack sits down

Has some chips and a beer

The reaper sits down next to him

“Why are you still here?”


Pent up frustrations overtake a teen

That needs to get into the car

Life ends tragically to those in haste

Now they will love him from afar.


A crime hit a detective hard

He needed to settle this score!

But what if vengeance were enough penalty

Do you know what we’ll kill you for?


We took some men from their country

To a place simply out of the blue

We tortured them for years

Now this story is actually true.


Teach yourself about the night

How you don’t need to be afraid

All will come when all is ready

Those who live by, will die by the blade.



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