Upon Corcomroe

Silent storms upon a land of rock Leaves all intention in the wake Of a storm that went through Yesterday.   Seemingly love is the most still When we don't think of it. Yet upon the land lies Corcomroe Which is always where we laid our hearts.   I touch the stone outside It reminds... Continue Reading →

There Was A Time

There was a time You would have moved heaven and Earth To satisfy my desires. A time you would have taken a week To show me how much You loved me.   Now one minute is too long Moving anything is too much You've done what you are able And even all that was all... Continue Reading →

I Don't Want To Be Here

Sitting at the train station Waiting for someone Yet I don't know who. I don't want to be here.   At the ocean The lighthouse peers out Looking for something I don't want to be here.   Standing in line Behind many people That are much more patient I don't want to be here.  ... Continue Reading →

Voices From The Past

Hidden within depths Nobody can see from anywhere Though some have never cared to look. An absolutely disproportionate arrangement Between what was yesterday And what is today When really we should only concern ourselves With right now.   He was the captain of the ship A rocky road was ahead So he shouted to all... Continue Reading →

The Path He Lit For Me

Freedom comes to those who search For within us all is the power to choose. Some of us face the light and win Some of us fall from grace and lose.   I stumble around in the hallway Forgetting my bedroom is behind me Wanting to forget everything about life But there isn't enough 'drunk'... Continue Reading →


Flowing rivers from the sound That is the heartbeat of you and I. We are separated by distance But never within our hearts. Accents may provide a distraction But in my mind, we are the same. Today I spent time reading through our writing Falling in love with you all over again. Remembering falling asleep... Continue Reading →


He'll whisper to you In the best of ways Tell you to lift your ass To him. He'll seduce your mind While telling you He loves you 'To the moon and back.' Then describe to you In intricate detail All the things He would do to you If he weren't too much of a pussy... Continue Reading →


He has a photo collage of you at his desk Showing four pictures representing Four different times of your life. He hasn't looked at it in ages Because it doesn't interest him anymore. She has a ring on her finger You put on it four years ago. She takes it off sometimes When it suits... Continue Reading →

Touching Fingers

A gypsy soul within a nomadic mind Found within darkness we lost When we sold our passion at a small cafe Then took our senses clearly in another direction.   A bit of discord met with some love Always reaches in a bit forcefully Like a wave rushing into the shore With no regard for... Continue Reading →

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