For The Love of Everything

Sinking in  a feeling I cannot resolve

I sit staring at the one thing that I broke

Wondering if maybe I can put it back together

The way it was before I made such a terrible mistake.


My life carries a burden

That I’ve handed over to someone greater than me

It is almost like a torch that lit an angry path

That I seem to uninterested in traversing just now.


For the love of everything holy

I commit my life to the one that will save me

The only one that I know I can trust completely

With no room for the fault within my temple.


I came to him crying once and he said he loved me

I screamed at him that if he loved me so much why did he allow me to be broken?

He sat quietly and unassuming, his arms resting in his lap

Told me that had I not gone through those things, would I be who I am today?


“If I lavished you with silken robes

Would you understand a woman that came to you raped?

Would you understand her pain and anger?

Or would you simply hand her a robe?”


“If I had you only walk on paths of gold

Would you understand the man with splinters in his feet?

Would you understand his pain the path he took caused him

Or would you simply tell him he needed to walk on gold?”


There are moments of my life I cannot recall

Much of my childhood is gone to black

But I remember being hated all my life

For being born to the wrong two people.


“If I had made you born by Kings and Queens

Would you ever relate to the pauper and the maid?

You are chosen to be stronger than the battle

To be more than what you went through

To be a pillar of light to those that are just now

Going down the path you have traversed.”


I may not ever understand my journey

But I forgive those that hurt me in the name of my God

In the name of being stronger and holier than they could ever dream

In having a God that had enough faith in me

That he knew I would not only perservere

But that I would happily champion this cause

So no woman

Or man

Ever felt alone


igniting my past


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