Someday you will have to let her go

You will have to face the fact

That you walked away from her

When she needed you.

You will have to stop wanting;

To hear her voice

See her beautiful face

Touch her in places that you know

Only you are.

Someday you will have to convince yourself

It is over

And pretend

You don’t want her


You’ll have to let pride take over

And do what it does

To destroy relationships

And love.

Someday you won’t think of her


You won’t remember

That you’d rather do something tedious with her

Than something wonderful with anyone else.

You will stop wishing she would touch you

Make love to you

Whisper how she loves

Everything about you.

Someday you will have to bow to the sacrifice

You made

When you told her how terribly inconvenient she was

How she just didn’t fit in with your life.

Someday you’ll forget the sadness in her voice

As she realized

You didn’t want her anymore.

You’ll forget those beautiful eyes

The sparkle you put into them with your love

Then how you ripped that from her

In a moment

Of haste.


Someday you will learn

That if you love something

You sacrifice everything for it.



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