Touching Fingers

A gypsy soul within a nomadic mind

Found within darkness we lost

When we sold our passion at a small cafe

Then took our senses clearly in another direction.


A bit of discord met with some love

Always reaches in a bit forcefully

Like a wave rushing into the shore

With no regard for anything in its way.


There was a sense of treason while making love

As you whispered in my ear your love for me

Then all of a sudden it occurred to me

Semen is a terrible truth serum.


Fields of stars open their eyes to me

Then sing a tune to beat of my heart

When suddenly it began to rain

But I didn’t move.


Senses get lost to ‘reason’ sometimes

In moments that taste of senseless honesty

Treasures were left for one another

But we have forgotten where they were.


This time we won’t leave one another

In a cape, headed in different directions

Or wandering away from each other

Touching fingers, instead of hearts.


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