He’ll whisper to you

In the best of ways

Tell you to lift your ass

To him.

He’ll seduce your mind

While telling you

He loves you

‘To the moon and back.’

Then describe to you

In intricate detail

All the things

He would do to you

If he weren’t too much of a pussy

To actually be where you are.


Graces take half our faces

Lies take up most our spaces

And all that is left for the rest of us are lies.


I bet he has a list with checks

He absolutely loves the phone sex

Because he’s not quite man enough to do it right.


If you want to talk to me about it

Come to me, don’t be a tit

I already have a pussy, I don’t need another.


I’m quite a ruthless sort

I don’t require your lame retort

Just man up and don’t tease me with your lies.


I’m single, if that helps the taunt

But I’m not interested in a shameless flaunt

I want the real deal or nothing at all.


So if someday you feel all brave

You can come try to find my cave

I’ll show the best of what a woman can do for you.


However, if a silly game is what you want to play

In your house you aught to stay

Because I’m not a woman you mess with day or night.


For you, the one you know this is about

Watch the show “burn notice” or take another route

Nobody around me believes you tell the truth.


For the rest of you, I lay open this book

The woman that nobody took

Is ready for a real man to steal the show.


I’m single, available, and ready to be had

For someone that clearly won’t get mad

When I refuse believe his lies or engage in the phone sex.


Love requires a certain amount of trust

Leave the pride, and clean off the dust

I’d like to you for a nice little drive.


head full of lies

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