Voices From The Past

Hidden within depths

Nobody can see from anywhere

Though some have never cared to look.

An absolutely disproportionate arrangement

Between what was yesterday

And what is today

When really we should only concern ourselves

With right now.


He was the captain of the ship

A rocky road was ahead

So he shouted to all of us

“Tally ho!”

All I wanted was silence

To silence the voices in my head

That tell me I’m not worth anything

Or they tell me I’m outrageous.


The cranium is made up of bone

There are many things that can break bones

But nothing in this world can break those voices

The thousands of times you were told you weren’t worth it

The hundreds of times you were told to quit trying

Because you were a failure.

The many times you were told you were loved

Yet have nobody.


Inherently humans lie

Because they would rather cuddle up

To a convenient lie

Then to be hit over the head

With the inconvenient truth.


She sits in front of a mirror

Combing her hair

When she remembers her mother

Telling her how ugly she was

And how no man would like her if she were fat.

So she starves herself now

Barely eating enough

To even survive

And yet she has never found a man

To love her

At 88 pounds.


The voices from the past

Are evil





Want to shut them off?


Many people many places

Crying out to be heard.

I look around to hear something substantial

But people are nary saying a word.


Shouting sounds at a void

Seems to be the only facade.

If you want the truth in appetite

You’ll have to quit looking abroad.


Heaven is where you go for theory

For truth and enlightenment.

Everyone there will be happy to see you

They won’t be able to contain their excitement.


When you need to hush the voices

Deep within your head

You need to hit your knees immediately

When you fall out of bed.



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