Run Away

I'll never do it gracefully I've never done anything gracefully. I'll crash into your life Make somewhat of a mess Move things around a bit Change your mind on a few things Make you believe at least one thing That may or may not be entirely true Then I'll run away.   I'll never do... Continue Reading →

When You

When you find that perfect someone That isn't quite so perfect They make you feel Like you finally have a 'place.' They make you realize Home is not a house It is in the eyes Of that person you love.   When you have loved someone so long They feel like they are a part... Continue Reading →


The path we choose to take is riddled with turns Doubt starts to creep into your lazy head As you think that maybe you took a wrong turn This isn't the way you were supposed to go Things are not right just now.. Maybe you can turn around Take another turn somewhere. Maybe you said... Continue Reading →

What Love Is

Love is not what you say to him when he is in front of your face It is how you talk about him when speaking to someone that would never say a word It is how you speak about him when you have to refer to him in conversation. Love is not what you do... Continue Reading →

He Wants

He requires it tidy Nice and clean Not full of holes As I'm seen. He likes it soft Not so hard! Now who is holding The winning card? He wants it full Then sent with grace. He likes a smile On my face.   He puts it together Then thinks he is set. The problem... Continue Reading →

His Kind of Crazy

An arrow shot in the direction of you But for no other reason than sin. We've taken what we can of the others Yet nobody knew when this fight would begin. Someone once fell in a field of ashes After a fire destroyed the town. I stood right in the middle of it yelling In... Continue Reading →

He Called

He was looking for a fight But I missed him too much for all that. So I made him laugh Agreed with his grievance Then made love to him.   I'm sure everyone he knows Thinks I am insane But he knows What I know; We are one.   We've laughed and loved Shared moments... Continue Reading →

I Don’t Have To

I don't have to touch you to know My life would be forever changed if I did. I don't have to kiss you to know I could melt into you if I did. I don't have to be your wife To know I want to spend a lifetime loving you. I don't have to ever... Continue Reading →

Who Wants Him?

Sometimes I sit and ask myself Why in the world I put up with this Why.. Time after time I keep putting up with this.   Time beats at an amazing pace Setting records for its demise I've known all along this was over It is you, not the situation I despise.   How do... Continue Reading →

It Doesn't Matter

It doesn't matter how much you love her You cannot erase the past. No matter how much you need her She will never need you. No matter how much you give to her You will never replace what was taken. No matter how much you want her You will never take away those who didn't.

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