What If You Have Nobody?

On a day set aside for lovers

You had nobody to hold your hand

Kiss your cheek

Or tell you they love you?

No flowers were being delivered

Or loving face to greet you in the morning?

No moment captured

Or caught up in time

No special memo’s written to you

Or phone call meant to make you feel special.


What if you had nobody

To call out your name

Or to whisper to you

All the things

They wanted to do to you?


What if tomorrow

You were the only one

That sat alone

In a room full of lovers

And you had to watch

As everyone around you kissed

Touched one another

Vowed to love each other

Until the end of time?


What if next year were the same?

You sat alone

While the rest of the world loved?


Would you begin to think

There was something wrong with you?

Or that maybe you didn’t deserve to be loved?


Hope gets lost sometimes in hearts too eager,

Faith gets lost in those that admit defeat

In something they would have never fought for.











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