What Love Is

Love is not what you say to him when he is in front of your face

It is how you talk about him when speaking to someone that would never say a word

It is how you speak about him when you have to refer to him in conversation.

Love is not what you do for him on special occasions

It is what you do for him day after day that he barely notices or says anything about

It is what you do for him that nobody notices or says anything about.

Love is not about how you touch him

It is about how you touch is soul with words only he understands

In a language only the two of you speak

It is the softness of your voice when you need him to listen to you.

Love is not about the fighting

It is about the feeling you get when you see someone berate him

It is about sticking up for him at the cost of everything.

Love is not about how long you have loved him

It is about the ferocity of it

It is about choosing your love over anything or anyone.

Love is not about choosing someone

Love is not a choice to be made, it is set in stone and cannot be moved

It is about reinforcing that, every single day.

Love is not about how your ego feels

It is never about how many you can get

It is about ‘getting’ that one, and holding on for dear life.

Love is never about making someone wait

It is about realizing everything can change in a moment

So you must get to them as quickly as you can.

Love is not about forgiving faults

It is about knowing that other person is human and  understanding that

It is about loving them more than you dislike what they did to you.

Love is not about owning someone

It is about letting them feel so free they almost think they can fly

It is about letting them be who they are, and loving them for that.

Love is not about about reasoning or logic

It is about going with your heart, always

Listening to the small voice inside of you that is whispering the name of the person you love.



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