A host of problems become the fruition Of everything you ever wanted to be Yet are not.   Your mother reminded you of how your brother Always did better than you Yet you tried.   First a climb into the unknown Then a dive into something that could hurt Yet you dive.   She apologizes... Continue Reading →


I am the dust that settles on a table You haven't sat at in years. I'm the moment of glory within a situation That brings the room to tears. Never quite enough for forever Just a glance at what we were. I'm the freedom found within a flag And an extra shot, just to be... Continue Reading →

Come See

Look at how you left me Bewildered and afraid. Look at what you've done to me At what a mess you've made. Look where I stand now At the point of no return. There is a lesson in this somewhere A lesson I didn't need to learn. Come see what you have left of me... Continue Reading →

What If You Have Nobody?

On a day set aside for lovers You had nobody to hold your hand Kiss your cheek Or tell you they love you? No flowers were being delivered Or loving face to greet you in the morning? No moment captured Or caught up in time No special memo's written to you Or phone call meant... Continue Reading →

You Will Remember This

A soft tear that rolls Down her angry and hurt face You know the girl Or at least remember her vaguely Not quite as 'the one that got away' More like 'the one you tricked away'   Bread sits in a basket A bountiful feast on the table; It is a quandary of sorts really... Continue Reading →

Picture This

A flowing ember inside of you Diminishes with time And the faces of those that would thwart you Or hold you back Relentlessly.   One moment you are on top Of that proverbial mountain; The next you are tumbling down it Like all of those You used to shake your head at.   A bottle... Continue Reading →

I Didn't Feel A Thing

He explained that it felt like Someone had reached in to his chest Pulled his heart out And stomped on it.   Like the Earth had stopped moving All air had been removed So that he laid there Barely able to catch his breath.   When he woke the next morning It was as if... Continue Reading →


Some women want you to make love to them Ever so softly With hands gently gliding across her body Your eyes fixated on her With gentle lips upon hers.   That is not the way with me   I want it Hard I need it Fast Something of a Blast. I like it Rough A... Continue Reading →

You Can't Have It Back

You can scream and yell Or lay in your bed at night Crying softly into a pillow Sit on a bridge Wishing like hell You could erase what you did And have everything back To the way it was before.   You can lie out in a field Praying to God Or trying to sell... Continue Reading →

Stealing Life

Sometimes you run into someone That has a moment or months to spare So they drag you into their world Get you involved in their life Wave their arms Scream if they have to To get your attention off your life And on to theirs.   Sometimes that life is a lie Their entire existence... Continue Reading →

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